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What is Amber Alert GPS?

The Active Halo® GPS device is a safety wearable that keeps busy families connected with location information and voice functionality throughout the day.  The easy-to-use family app and portal quickly locates family members, sends safety alerts and provides peace of mind. Whether you are a parent looking to connect with a child too young for a cell phone, or an adult caring for your parent, we offer the quickest way to communicate, locate and send emergency notifications. These safety notifications are auto triggered (ex. child in speeding car) and sent via SMS or email. 

How does it work?

Tell me more about the Safety Alerts.

How does the GPS tracking capability work?

Can anyone track my Amber AlertGPS Safety wearable?

How far will the Amber AlertGPS Safety wearable locate?

What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable?

How do I power-on the Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable?

What do the light indications tell me?

How long does the battery last?

How do I charge the product?

Is the product waterproof?