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Time-saving Tips in Getting the Costume Right!

Time-saving Tips in Getting the Costume Right!

Back-to-school season seems more of a distant memory, and thoughts are turning to the next sign of fall: Halloween. When we think of Halloween, a few things come to mind - costumes, trick-or-treating, sticky hands and sugar crashes. Here are some useful tips for maximizing your costume experience!

  1. The Right Costume For The Right Temperature. Picking something appropriate for the weather is important for your child.  You don't want your child to sweat often and be uncomfortable. You don't want them to freeze either, while wearing a Little Mermaid costume in Montana! Keep an eye on the weather, and have some back-up layers or options. If in a cooler area, find a jacket or scarf that has complimentary colors to the costume, if they are apprehensive to wearing a cover.
  2. Find Material That Is Comfortable and Functional It is especially important to find functional costumes if you plan to be out during the night. Ensure your child can walk without tripping, or can see properly through their mask. You can also provide a comfortable undergarment if the material is itchy. Also, find a close-fitting costume, to eliminate the chance extra material brushing against a lit jack-o-lantern or candle.
  3. Verify School Restrictions. To eliminate any last-minute heartbreak, check with your child's’ school in advance to make sure their costume is in compliance. If masks aren’t allowed, get creative with some makeup! Alterations can be made to most any costume, if the appropriate time is given.
  4. Try Homemade To Save Money. Not only can making a costume save money, it can be a lot of fun to engage your child's creative side! For ideas on how to maximize your costume-making experience, click here.  
  5. Find FDA Approved Makeup or Paint. Not all face-paint is necessarily safe. Do a little research to ensure it is FDA approved to ensure there are safe ingredients. Also, you can test a small portion of makeup or paint, on a small portion of skin on your child, to make sure they don’t have a reaction.
  6. Most importantly - Stay Safe! Pick a trick-or-treat route that you know and that is well lit and well known. Make arrangements early on to have your child go with a group of kids with adult supervision.  Make sure you have a method to get ahold of your child or track them while they are out and about. Check out the Amber Alert GPS safety wearable and the Predator Alert feature so you can know ahead of time where the registered sex offenders live on your route.

As always - stay safe, have fun and stay out of your kids’ candy!