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Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen Safety Tips

With Christmas right around the corner, chances are, you’ll have some kiddos in the kitchen eager to lend a helping hand. It’s a great chance to teach your little ones about how food is made and spend some fun time together. Make sure everyone stays happy and healthy with our top-ten list of kitchen safety tips.

1. Adult supervision is always required—ovens, knives and even hot tap water set the stage for a myriad of accidents. Have your kids come along with you or let them watch a movie in a different room if you need to step out of the kitchen for any reason.

2. Check twice—when you’re all done in the kitchen, double or triple-check that all cooking appliances (including the oven and stove) are turned off before you turn-in.

3. Be diligent about knife safety—you can never be too careful with knives in the kitchen. While knives aren’t in use, place them at the far back corner of a countertop so little hands can’t reach them. Also, never drop knives into a sink full of soapy water—someone could reach in and get hurt.

4. Pot handles pointed in—it may a little extra effort, but point all pot handles toward the back or middle of the stovetop. Kids will be less tempted to reach up and grab hot, potentially dangerous handles if they can’t see them.

5. Avoid fire hazards—keep paper towels, dish towels, plastic containers, bread bags, pot holders (and anything you can think of!) away from the stove to avoid starting a fire.

6. Use a screen—If your recipe calls for frying, use a screen over your pans to prevent hot grease splatters. If grease does happen to catch on fire, try not to panic and cover the pan with a lid.

7. Think clean—don’t put cooked food on a previously used plate or cutting board. While the potential to minimize dirty dishes is tempting, illness from food contamination isn’t worth the risk.

8. Sneeze patrol—ask your kids to direct any sneezes or coughs away from the prep area. They should use a tissue to cover their mouth and nose and wash hands thoroughly before touching food again.

9. Washing hands—your hands can never be too clean in the kitchen. Wash and dry hands before and after handling all food, particularly anything raw. It’s also a good idea to dry hands with a disposable paper towel instead of a towel that can carry germs.

10. What to wear—tie back long, loose hair; choose a fitted long-sleeve top; and wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes to protect everyone’s toes from falling utensils or hot liquids.

A little safety precaution in the kitchen can go a long way to ensuring a healthy, happy and delicious holiday season. The mission of Amber Alert GPS is to keep modern families connected. Our award-winning GPS technology, child-friendly device and easy-to-use portal provides parents with peace-of-mind and allows kids the freedom to be kids.