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Help a Family-in-Need this Holiday Season

Help a Family-in-Need this Holiday Season

Parties, school recitals, cookie-baking—there are so many wonderful traditions to enjoy during the holidays. One more you might want to add to your family’s agenda this year is to help someone in need. Not only is it a truly rewarding experience, it can help teach your little ones to be even more appreciative of their holiday gifts. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

• Adopting a family is an extraordinary way to connect with a less-fortunate family in your area and help them have a wonderful holiday. Your commitment generally includes buying gifts for the children and adults in the family, providing a gift card to a grocery store and delivering everything to the family in person on a specified date. Simply type “adopt a family in need” into a search engine to find opportunities in your area.

• If you’re out shopping for your own kids, consider checking the shopping mall for an Angel Tree. Tags hang on the tree with names of children in need. The tag usually specifies the child’s age, gender and a desired type of gift. All you have to do is pick out a tag, go buy the gift and return it to that Angel Tree before you leave the mall.

• Did you know that millions of Americans struggle with hunger? Unfortunately that statistic doesn’t change during the holidays. There are so many ways you can help: donating canned goods to your local food bank, volunteering at a soup kitchen and sponsoring a family’s holiday dinner. An easy way to find donation opportunities is to do a quick search online.

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