Give yourself peace of mind and your kids security they can count on.

It's scary to send your kids out into the world on their own no matter how old they are. The Amber Alert GPS personal safety device helps kids feel safe and keeps parents connected.

Amber Alert GPS Unit
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With powerful GPS-based products, applications for Smartphones and the leading alert network in the U.S., AAGPS has an end-to-end system in place for tracking, alerting, informing, and ensuring safe and confident living for children of all ages, families of all sizes.

Amber Alert GPS Special Promo

Amber Alert GPS Special Promo

Amber Alert GPS Special Promo


Price includes shipping & handling. No annual contracts - cancel at any time. 1yr limited warranty. One-time $19.99 activation fee

Service Plan: Standard - $15/mo

Unlimited text & email notifications and 30 voice minutes per month.

Service Plan Premium: 24/7 Safety Monitoring Center - $25/mo

Unlimited text & email notifications and 30 voice minutes per month PLUS our 24/7 Safety Monitoring Center. If you need help, or simply want to speak with an agent because you feel unsafe, press the one-touch SOS call button to connect with a trained safety agent who can access your real-time location and dispatch law enforcement or emergency medical assistance anywhere in the United States in seconds.

Amber Alert GPS mobile app

Be with them, even when you're not.

As a parent, you do your best to keep your children save, but you can't be with them all the time. Amber Alert GPS personal safety device gives you peace of mind and your child a life-line. With the push of a button you'll know where they are and if they need help.


The Amber Alert GPS wearable is a durable, child friendly product that works hand-in-hand with our easy-to-use parent app and portal, keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality. It fits neatly in backpacks, clips on to clothing or can we worn with a breakaway lanyard.

  • Unlimited Location Updates

    Receive GPS location updates every 5 minutes or on a more frequent interval, if needed.

  • 2-way Voice Calling - up to 30 minutes/mo

    Talk with your loved one with 2-way voice calling without them needing to pick-up or press a button and easily listen in to hear what’s going-on in their surroundings.

  • Safety Features & Alerts

    Includes features that put parents' minds at ease, like: Geofencing, GPS tracking, one-touch SOS button that can notify multiple contacts, Speed limit alert & Device inactivity

  • Access to National Sex Offenders Registry

    A powerful tool that automatically sends you an alert when your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender's address.

  • Family Web Portal and App

    Set up and manage all your family's devices via a family web portal and when on the go, quickly know your child's whereabouts via the app.

  • Unlimited Text and eMail Alerts to Family and Friends

    Designate and notify family and friends via text and/or email when a safety alert is issued.

  • Charging Cradle

    A quick and convenient way to keep your battery charged.  Simply put your Amber Alert GPS wearable on top of the charger, so it's charged and ready to go whenever you are. 

  • Convenient Carry-Pouch & Lanyard

    Both a protective pouch with a belt clip and D-ring for easy attachment and a lanyard with quick release clips that detach if the strap is tugged, are included.


Hear what our customers have to say

  • Patti - Forth Worth, TX

    I bought this device to stay in touch with my granddaughter. I didn't want to get her a smartphone yet because she'd be exposed to the internet and texting. With this device, I can see where she's at and talk to her when I need to. It brings me much relief and piece of mind.

  • Ahmed - Seattle, WA

    I originally purchased the Amber Alert GPS device because I was taking my son on vacation to California. I wanted a way to keep track of him just in case we got split up. Now I use the device every day. I always know where he's at - if he made it to school or not. Since I share custody, and he's at his mother's half the time, I can call him each night and talk to him before he goes to bed. I love being able to stay close to my son. I also love the fact that he can call me at anytime if he needs me.