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Yup – it’s that time of year again – back to school!

Yup – it’s that time of year again – back to school!

Going back to school can be exciting and stressful not only for parents but for kids too. There are so many things to get ready and routines to fall back into. Here are a few tips to get you off to a great start.

    1. Start getting to bed a little earlier. During Summer, we tend to engage in many activities that keep us up later at night.  As the start of school approaches, put your kids to bed 5-10 minutes earlier each night so that they are ready for that earlier wakeup time and are well rested for the first day of school.
    2. Plot out your walk route. If you plan on your kids walking to school, make sure you scout out the best route. Talk to other neighbors and friends early to ensure they can walk in a group for safety purposes. Take an afternoon or evening to walk the route with them. By doing this, they will know what is expected and you’ll feel more self-assured that they know where they are going.
    3. Set out clothing, backpack and supplies the night before. Many kids are a little nervous heading back to school.  Remove some stress by doing a little planning. Pick out their clothing the night before and make sure they have the basic school supplies already placed in their backpack. It doesn’t hurt to have a little pouch or envelope placed inside the backpack with some money and your emergency contact numbers written down either.
    4. You set the tone. On the first day of school, get up a little earlier than normal to create the right mood around the house – remember, your attitude sets the stage and your kids can tell if your stressed or not. Take the time to prepare a good breakfast and engage in positive conversation like – how exciting it will be to meet your new teacher and make new friends this year.
    5. Set expectations. Prior to school starting, take the time to talk about the upcoming school year with your child. Ask them what they are excited about or what concerns them. If your expectation is to do homework right after school, make sure they understand why that’s important to you. If your expectation is to read 30 minutes each night, help them carve out a plan or schedule to accomplish this. It’s all about communicating with them and helping them not feel overwhelmed by managing their time.
    6. Safety. Probably the most important thing you can do is to help your child feel safe in their new school or classroom. If possible, tour the school prior to the first day. Help them find their classroom and know their way to the bathrooms and front office. Make sure they know that they can always reach you if necessary and help them understand how they go about doing that – whether they ask a teacher or office worker for help.  The Amber Alert GPS safety wearable is a great option for parents, as it has only one button to press and it only calls one pre-programed phone number.

At Amber Alert GPS we love children.

They are the #1 reason we do what we do - provide a safety wearable to help them feel safe and communicate with mom and dad whenever necessary.  We know that many kids are not ready for a smartphone, but still need the ability to call their parents.  We also know that parents need a way to quickly locate their kids and feel assured that they are where they are supposed to be.  With our free companion smartphone app, parents can see their child’s location even when they are on the go, giving them peace of mind.  Hopefully by following these tips, your school year will be fun and stress free!