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Ways to Stay Safe this Winter

Ways to Stay Safe this Winter

There’s no doubt about it, winter has arrived.  Much of the country is currently experiencing a lot of snow and cold temperatures.  Take the opportunity to enjoy the snow with your kids!  Here are a few snow and winter safety tips to help you and your family enjoy the season in good shape:

  1. Layer Up. Regulating body temperature is more difficult for younger children so make sure your kids wear layers of clothing.  Explain to them that it’s an easy way to warm up or cool down when necessary.
  2. Be proactive. Make sure they have gloves and a hat readily available (like in their backpack).  Protecting your hands and head is a great way to stay warm.
  3. Go bright. If you need to purchase new coats or snow outfits, make sure they are bright colored. You want to make sure your child can be seen, especially since the sun goes down earlier these days.
  4. Use SPF. Get in the habit of using sunscreen and lip balm.  Believe it or not, sunburns do happen quite often in the winter time because the sun reflects off of snow and ice.  Use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15.
  5. Check your gear. Check your sledding or skiing equipment to make sure they are in good condition before using. 
  6. Protect. Always wear protective gear, like helmets, when sledding, snowboarding, skiing and playing ice hockey. According to Web MD, approximately 20,000 kids visit the ER each year due to sledding accidents.  Pick some easy hills or trails to start out on and avoid areas with many trees, rocks and ponds.
  7. Stay hydrated. Even though we seem to feel fine drinking less water in the winter, our bodies still need as much water as any other season.
  8. Car readiness. Make sure you store an extra blanket, water and snacks (like granola bars) in your car.  You never know when you may be caught in a storm or stuck in bad traffic related to the weather.

Now is a great time to connect with your little ones and show them all the fun you can have in the snow.  If you prepare properly, we are sure you will make some great memories!