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Having a blast this St. Patrick's Day!

Having a blast this St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, but no need to stress! With a little planning, it can be a magical time for your children, and budget-friendly for you! Here are a few ideas to help you better navigate the day:

Get creative with food: From cutting food into shamrock shapes, to dying food with natural dyes, the options are limitless. Make a fun breakfast, or eat some Lucky Charms with green milk! You can incorporate veggies throughout the day by cutting them into fun shapes, or making a ‘rainbow’ with different colored veggies.

Create a leprechaun trap: Decorate a vase or boxes with fun designs, or make a fort with cushions and pillows. Inspire your child to get creative with the design and use objects lying around the home to create a fun way to capture a leprechaun.

Go on a scavenger hunt: Find some fun printouts with clues, or create your own. Incorporate fun riddles that will keep your child engaged. Include a yummy hidden treasure for them to find at the end.

Have an afternoon making crafts: Make green slime, shamrock jewelry, or even paper mache a pot of gold! Grab some rainbow colored cereal or play-do to create fun 3D designs. Or incorporate some face-paints to create a fun look

Engage your creative mind: If you’re wiped out from other festivities, take a few moments to read a festive book with your children, or encourage your little ones to create their own story! If on the theatrical side, encourage them to create and act out a magical leprechaun-themed play.

Let the little leprechauns loose and have some fun.  Now is the time to create memories and traditions. Don't forget to take lots of pics too!