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Gearing Up for Spring Break Fun

Gearing Up for Spring Break Fun

After a seemingly long, wet Winter, anticipation for Spring has never been greater. Believe it or not, but now is the best time to pull out your calendar and start to make plans for some fun family. Get into the Spring spirit by scheduling some quality time with your kids that won’t put a dent in your wallet. From going to the zoo, to attending a spring training game, there is an activity for each family member to enjoy!

If you’re living in some place warm:

  • Plan a day at the zoo: Your first trip to the zoo is something you will never forget as a child, and why not pass that excitement down to your children? It is both a great learning opportunity as well as fun filled day for the whole family. Navigating through the park can be stressful, but keep a map in hand, and stick together because there can be large crowds present. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen for this eventful day!
  • Take me out to the ball game: Watching a baseball game can be a great family outing during the day and can also be inexpensive during the spring training season. If you are living or nearby one of the many cities that are home to major league spring training games, schedule a day for the whole family to enjoy taking in the sun while having fun. Wear your favorite team’s colors, and don’t forget a baseball cap!
  • Take a hike: Ahh, the great outdoors! Going on a hike is a great opportunity to get outside and exercise. Try a new and challenging trail that you can map out beforehand and explore as family together. Make it your goal to get to the top, and take a fun photo to show the beautiful view. Pack simple snacks and drink plenty of water along the way.

If you’re living in some place cold:

  • Visit the local ice rink. Many cities have a local ice rink, so schedule a visit to one near you and get the whole family to come along. Have fun skating in the cold rink, and then after you’re finished, reward yourself with a warm cup of hot cocoa. You can’t go wrong!
  • Movie Night: With the weather still not quite leading up to springtime temperatures, it is the perfect time to cozy up and have a movie marathon night. Create a fort of pillows and blankets to keep the children warm, and pop some popcorn as you watch your favorite movies.
  • Go to a museum: Continue your child’s learning over break by taking them to a museum! Every state has a history, so why not give them a chance to learn about past traditions and ways of life in a fun environment. If they are the more creative type, take them to an art museum to study past and present works of art by a variety of artists.

There are many options to entertain your children over Spring Break and do things that they will enjoy. But no matter what they are doing, you and your family will enjoy each other’s company the most, and will also make fun memories along the way.

Have a safe and fun Spring Break, The Amber Alert GPS Family