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10 Tips for Traveling with Children this Holiday Season

10 Tips for Traveling with Children this Holiday Season

This Holiday season you may be traveling to see family or take a Christmas vacation! Whether you are planning on driving or flying, here are some tips for traveling with the little ones. 

Plan ahead

Whether you’re driving or flying it pays to book ahead in terms of where you will be staying after you’ve arrived at your destination. After a long drive or flight, you may be preparing yourself for the unavoidable meltdown by tired children in the back seat. It may be wise to split up the trip and stay the night at a near by hotel if its getting late.

Slow down and take your time

Toddlers don’t understand the pressure of being on time and staying on track with activities you have planned. Save some extra time for the staling, exploring and many potty breaks or tantrums that may come that way it’s not a stress getting from one thing to another in a rush.

Be prepared for the weather

It’s common sense that your child would be much happier dressed comfortably and ready for the climate of your destination. Need a snow suit? Make sure it’s a comfortable size and not the only thing they have to wear if it gets a little too toasty. Going to the beach? It would be smart to invest in some water shoes to protect them from any sharp rocks or sea urchins.

Don’t let your children pack their own suitcases

This is another no brainer however you may have your child’s suit case packed ready to go just to show up to your destination and find your child decided to give barbie and the crew a vacation too and brought any possible toy she could fit in the rest of the available space of her bag. So, once you’re done packing make sure you double check for any hitchhikers that will inevitably get lost during your trip.

Have activities ready

If you are heading out on a long journey, make sure you bring easy to pack games and toys for all your children to keep busy. This will help pass the time for a long drive or flight.

Pack healthy snacks

A long drive or flight will be hard on an empty stomach, make sure you have some healthy treats available for your children, which brings us to our next tip

Avoid candy

If it’s a long trip, the last thing you want to do is to make a pit stop in an unknown city with crazy sugar rushed children or even spend hours on a flight. It’s smarter to have healthier options ready to go.

Remember the medicine

No matter where you a heading to it is always a good idea to be diligent and pack a small first aid kit packed with: antihistamines, painkillers and plasters that can save a lot of stress later.

Dress them in a way that makes them easy to spot

My mother in law made my husband wear a bright neon tie when he got home from a 2-year long service mission to easily spot him at the airport. This is a great tip if you will be traveling through busy airports or transport hubs. Dress your child in a bright t-shirt that’s easily to spot.

Invest in a child safety device

Toddlers are not the biggest fans of any infringement on their freedom whether it be reins or backpacks with a leash. It may be smart to keep tabs on your child at airports or crowded attractions with a child locator of some sort. Here at Amber Alert GPS your child’s safety comes first. Our safety wearable can track your child anywhere in the United States and allows you to call the child. Our device will give you peace of mind while traveling.